Join us on Wednesday the 25th of March for an evening of discussion about urban citizenship that takes as its focus Christoph Lindner’s observations about Amsterdam, Street Art & Super-Gentrification.

Lindner asks “What happens when art in public spaces strategically decelerates, disrupts, or even stops movement, flow, and interaction in the global city?”

This unique event considers some of the unexpected ways in which artistic attempts to foster hospitality and belonging at a community level can produce new, subtle forms of exclusion and false intimacy.

Our guest panel will discuss some of the themes arising with a post-lecture debate; panelists include Cultural Geographer Rowan Ellis, Edinburgh artist Fraser Gray, and LeithLate curator Morvern Cunningham – all moderated by the New Met’s own Richard J Williams.

Eventbrite - Christoph Lindner presents Amsterdam, Street Art, and Super-Gentrification

The event is sponsored by The Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities (IASH) at The University of Edinburgh.


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