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Stacey Hunter

Christoph Lindner presents Amsterdam, Street Art & Super-Gentrification

Join us on Wednesday the 25th of March for an evening of discussion about urban citizenship that takes as its focus Christoph Lindner’s observations about Amsterdam, Street Art & Super-Gentrification. Lindner asks “What happens when art in public spaces strategically decelerates,… Continue Reading →

Literary Citizenship: Cities and their Writers by Aleš Debeljak

This week we welcome Slovenian poet and cultural critic Aleš Debeljak to The New Metropolitan. Join us on a journey around Europe where the geography of towns, harbors, streets and squares overlaps with Debeljak’s literary topography. His most recent poetry books in English… Continue Reading →

City as a Political Idea: An Interview with Krzysztof Nawratek

Krzysztof Nawratek’s book City as a Political Idea was first published in Polish in 2008, it became synonymous with Poland’s Right To The City movement and widely read by members of informal coalition – the Urban Movements Congress – comprising… Continue Reading →

Notes on an Urban Imagination: Sarajevo

Writing a special commission for The New Metropolitan from the post-socialist, post-conflict city of Sarajevo, Boriša Mraović inhabits a city in the midst of an – often brutal – capitalist transformation. His article is set against the backdrop of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s dramatic… Continue Reading →

Walk of Life: Art vs Advertising on Edinburgh’s Most Interesting Street

by Richie Cumming The visual landscape of my wee part of the world has changed fairly significantly over the last few months. There’s a new spectacle on Leith Walk drawing commuters’ eyes up from their hand-held devices and copies of… Continue Reading →

Can we give creative control to citizens through hacking?

Using storytelling as a method for investigating social practices, The Community Hacking project identified the principle of ‘writing back’ to a subject as a form of hacking. A series of workshops in Edinburgh encouraged community members to ‘write’ their memories of the area on to photographs that were… Continue Reading →

Sarajevo In Pictures by Richard J Williams

The New Met’s Richard Williams visited Sarajevo at the end of 2014 courtesy of Igor Štiks. As well as attending the Otvoreni Universitet (Open University) for three days, Richard wandered the streets of the enigmatic Bosnian capital, trying to sense something… Continue Reading →

Creating ‘mixed communities’ means starting at the top – so let’s bulldoze Belgravia

Peter Matthews argues that poverty and affluence are two sides of the same coin. One would not exist without the other – and both can be found concentrated in areas of extremes. In this article he identifies how, when trying to… Continue Reading →

Edinburgh: Limits of Citizens’ Participation

Tahl Kaminer shines a light underneath the rhetoric of consultation and the limits of citizens’ participation. In the late 1990s and early 2000s, Edinburgh City Council launched an ambitious series of consultations with locals as a prequel to the development of an… Continue Reading →

How to Make a Skyscraper Invisible

The Parisian media has been awash with the Tour Triangle recently, a controversial plan to build a skyscraper in the 15th arrondissment. Read our contributor Richard Williams’ article How to Make a Skyscraper Invisible over at global affairs website Foreign Policy. Click here to read… Continue Reading →

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